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dearedDear Ed

I've heard there is a publishing company in the US that only employs Virgos. Is it true? And, if so, how do I change my star sign?

Gemini on the Cusp of Greatness


Dear Gemini,

There are many answers to your query.

Answer One is it's not true, but I wish it were. [Is there a word for this? 'Apocryphal' just doesn't cut it. My online dictionary tells me apocryphal means 'of doubtful sanction', but I want the antonym.] Alas, it's just a vile canard, although it beats me why the duck gets the blame. But I did once work in a publishing company where half the staff were Virgos and it was ... an education. By deadline time, everyone was finding fault in everyone else's work and being so obsessively thorough that they'd refuse to sign off proofs in case there was something wrong with them. It was my first job in publishing and I thought it was all normal.

Answer Two is yes, it's true, but I wish it wasn't. Well, when I say it's true, I mean that someone told me about it once, even naming the company. But that person was a Virgo and we had a deadline for a US contract, so there may have been a bit of wishful thinking involved. (But then again, that person also headed the abovementioned Virgo-afflicted publishing company, so go figure. Maybe they were plotting a merger, intending to hive off the Virgo half of the company and leave the rest of us to amuse ourselves in un-Virgo-like ways in Melbourne.)

Answer Three is all working editors are actually of the Ursa Minor star sign, as shown by the climbing bear created by the boffins at

However, I think that rather than blathering on about star signs, it would be more instructive to give Myers-Briggs type indicator tests to a roomful of editors and see how few character types there were. My guess is that the majority of editors would fit into two of the 16 possible Myers-Briggs character types, which would make it a far greater predictive tool than a star sign.

Actually, there is a rumour going around that there is a publishing company in the US that hires only people who've been classified as INTJ or INFJ on a Myers-Briggs test. Although the person who told me that was a Gemini, so it's probably only half true. But which half?

Many a slip betwixt cusp and lip,