Friends, Romans, editors, lend us your ears! (Well, technically, eyes.)

A very exciting newsletter awaits you, leading off with a radical proposal about apostrophes that we are sure will lead to some heated debate. We also report on the overall sense of excitement felt throughout our community in the nail-biting lead up to the IPEd accreditation exam in May (register by 7 April or burden yourself with eternal regret). In this editor-on-editor Hunger Games/Gladiator-style showdown, which editors will survive the arena and which will fall under the mighty pens of the examiners?

Our woman on the inside, Lorna Hendry, attended the IPEd exam preparation workshop in March and reports that many eds were busily sharpening their pencils to fine points and filing their rulers to a razor's edge, muttering about un-splitting infinitives until the ink ran black across the page ... Oh, apologies, that may have been a slight mischaracterisation of Lorna's report, which you can read below.

And, of course, check out our regular columns: helpful advice from Micro Mentor and Dear (Dire?) Ed, and a fascinating Etymology on English's Greek roots.

Your eds,

Lorna Hendry and Kate Goldsworthy