Christmas Dinner Meeting Report

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On 11 December, the CQ Function Centre played host to another riotously fun Editors Victoria Christmas dinner and infamous trivia night. Everyone embraced the theme of the night - silver and reindeers - and the room was filled with a sense of celebration.

In the spirit of giving, we filled a box for The Smith Family Toy & Book Appeal with books, which seemed fitting. Some people arrived with their trivia teams all sorted out and others sought out random teams to join but we were all ready for a laugh over a delicious buffet dinner with friends and colleagues. We took our seats at beautifully decorated tables with silver bows and reindeer hats, made ourselves comfortable and stretched our trivia muscles.

As the dust settled and the trivia began, the first test was choosing the ideal trivia team name and our members rose to the challenge. Team names included such gems as Subordinate Claus, Braindeers, The Comma Chameleons, Square Brackets, Cupid's Helpers, Soylent Green, Eight Pieces of Silver and The Stetettes. One thing you can count on from those who work with words is, well, a way with words!

The first few rounds lulled us into a false sense of security and scores were all pretty close at first, but eventually many of us realised that we don't pay enough attention to what our favourite authors look like. I for one will definitely be studying author photographs on the books I read this year in preparation for next Christmas!

By the end of the fourth round, The Stetettes had edged ahead slightly but it was still anyone's game. As we found space for some delicious desserts, the final round of the night, titled 'Bad Title, Bad Cover!', proved to be the most entertaining. We were tasked with being as creative as possible in coming up with new titles for 10 truly terrible-looking books (no offence to the contents intended). With the correct titles hidden from view, we put our heads together and proved we're all a pretty creative bunch. Winning titles included 'Bananas and the Split Personality', 'Stop Knitting - Your Dog is Planning to Kill You', 'Make Your Own Publishing Company' and 'How to Sink the Sea Shepherd'.

Despite some stiff competition, The Stetettes held onto their lead and took the grand prize of a fantastic hamper to be shared among the team. But this would not be an Editors Victoria Christmas dinner without door prizes and, thanks to the fantastic work of the committee, almost everyone walked away with a little something for their Christmas stocking. The team did a brilliant job and it was a perfect end to the year. I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Mandy Herbet

Smith Family



The Stetettes, just moments before they started fighting over the spoils of victory.