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deriving from the Greek for 'true' (eteos/etymos) and 'word' (logos)

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Pwn (v.): To completely dominate an opponent, succeed in a task, or succeed in general. For example, 'Lorna and Kate pwn as co-editors of this newsletter'. There isn't any certainty as to the origins of this verb, but it seems to have been first used as a typo in an online game, roughly ten years ago - 'p' replacing 'o' in 'own' due to the juxtaposition of the keyboard letters. Currently there's no commonly accepted pronunciation - 'own' and 'pone' are used, but also 'pwone' and others.

'Pwn' and 'pwn3d' have now become widely used terms in internet 'leetspeak' or '1337' (from 'elite speak'), as well as a slang term used by teenagers in everyday life (often where 'rock' may have been used in the past, as in 'this pwns!' rather than 'this rocks!'). Online gamers sometimes use 'pwn' in conjunction with 'noob' or 'n00b' (meaning 'newbie', an inexperienced game-player), as in 'we are going to pwn these noobs'. Computer hackers, on the other hand, might use 'pwning a system' to mean 'taking control of a system'.