IPEd Options Survey: What Members Want

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Curious about the way members of all societies voted for development of business cases for IPEd options? Voting closed on 27 June at 11.45pm AEST, and EV members responded enthusiastically. About 24% of our members took the survey (160 of you - a respectable 40% of the total respondents). Many of you added valuable comments. Here are the results.




 Editors Victoria




145 of 160 respondents


361 of 394 respondents


1. Reduced function





2. Increased levy





3. Direct membership






There is a lot of support for developing cases for Option 2 (IPEd structure as is, with an increased levy) and Option 3 (the direct membership model). A much smaller proportion voted to consider the status quo model that would mean a reduction in IPEd functions. This is heartening for everyone who has worked hard to get IPEd off the ground and keep it flying.

Respondents also very strongly supported development of common membership grades and shared functions, such as a shared website (highest priority), a national freelance register and a shared newsletter with both society and IPEd content. These common, shared functions are also relevant to the IPEd 'as is' model, and they are inherent features of the direct membership model.

It was great that members of all societies contributed a wealth of comments and suggestions. The working party will review and analyse all those bright ideas.

Next step? The working party will report the results to the IPEd Council, and then start developing the business cases. Everyone will be asked to vote later this year, once we have the full picture. We'll keep you informed about progress.

Trischa Mann and Charles Houen