Once again the IPEd National Editors Conference has come and gone, and as usual it was an engaging conference for all who had a chance to attend; we've heard a number of accounts and I am totes jelly I didn't make it to the conference. While I didn't get a chance to go, it sounded fantastic with a number of engaging speakers and discussions that developed from ideas presented. Hopefully the reports that we'll have ahead will be of use to those who didn't have a chance to attend; I've definitely learnt a thing or two from reading over them. 
Of course, a big unveiling at the conference was the latest edition of the Australian standards for editing practice, launched after two years in the making. Full members should have received their copy now and  have no doubt had a chance to look over and take in some of the finer points. Having looked through it myself, I have to say it's an invaluable editorial resource that deserves a thorough perusal.

Coupled with this we have reports on, and our regular features, which we hope will be enough to get you through the month. If anyone has any suggestions for articles or would like to submit one, please feel free as always to get in touch.

Maja Vatri?
The Ed