With the arrival of autumn, our new training and other events for the year are starting to trickle in. An exciting professional development opportunity many of us won't be able to resist is this year's Redact, to be held at Hepburn Springs (springs! spas! Hepburn!), featuring some very interesting topics (see more here) and exceptionally knowledgeable presenters. Redact was held in 2006, 2007 and 2010 to rave reviews, and places are limited (seriously), so if you fancy a weekend in the country with other fine editors and great training, this is your course.

Closer to home, we have another training session in store for you this month, on punctuation, so check it out if you ever get stuck between a colon and a semicolon. We hope to see you at more training sessions, and, of course, at more of our dinner meetings.

The IPEd National Editors Conference was also held this week, and we are very eager to hear thoughts and impressions from the attendees. We hope you have all had a fantastic time, and that you will write to us to let us know your favourite or not so favourite events.

Last but definitely not least, we have a bit of happy news we'd like to share with you - we welcome into the world Archer and Aria, the 3kg bundles of joy of a very happy mum, our ex-president Melanie Dankel. We hope you will join us in congratulating Mel and wishing her and family all the best.

We look forward to seeing your good-looking selves at the next meeting.

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