Freelance Follies, the Society and IPEd

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Sitting at my computer to write this, after my first week of full-time work since August, I can barely function. It is 34° degrees, the seventh consecutive day of over-30 temperatures, with corresponding overnight temperatures well above 20° leading to poor sleep. Combined with re-training my body clock to a 9-5 schedule, it has wiped me out.

But it has taught me a valuable lesson: even freelance editors, working from home, need to keep regular hours.

The past six months were the first I have spent as a full-time freelancer, and there have been many lessons to learn (and to fail!). Thankfully, I've had the vast and excellent resources of Editors Victoria at my disposal - from the helpful advice offered by members who have been freelance for years to our training courses, dinner meetings, freelance services and even accreditation, which gave me the courage to trust myself as an editor. And it reminds me of something I tell my students: you will get out of this what you put into it. In other words, Editors Victoria is an incredible resource and source of support for members, as long as you take advantage of what we offer. Come to dinner meetings, attend training, meet your fellow members, network, go to the conferences and/or Redact, sit the IPEd exam.

Speaking of the exam, congratulations to all the newly minted AEs who recently received their certificates. If, however, you elected to be presented with your certificate at a dinner meeting, that meeting will be held this Thursday. We encourage all members to come along, especially if you haven't been to a meeting for a while. There will be lots of new faces as well as old friends to catch up with.

Finally, you should have recently received an email from president Trischa Mann? about the future of IPEd. We encourage you to read the email and the attachments closely, as they deal with some very important issues. There will be further discussion of the issues at the conference next month. We will also cover the discussions in later issues of the newsletter.

Melanie Sheridan?