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News from the Institute of Professional Editors Limited

November 2012—February 2013

The IPEd Council met six times during the period covered by these notes: on 4 November, 2 December, 6, 13 and 20 January, and 3 February. All meetings were by teleconference. The unusual number of meetings in January was necessary to handle matters relating to the IPEd review, the Accreditation Board paper on exam futures, and short-term funding priorities.

Accreditation exam 2012

The accreditation exam was held on 13 October and went well. 75 candidates sat the exam, including one person in Spain. The successful candidates numbered 60, an 80% pass rate. The accreditation certificates were posted on 21 February, direct to some new Accredited Editors, and to the societies for presentation to others at meetings.

IPEd review

In August 2012, IPEd Council established a working party to review IPEd and its functions, surveying member societies about IPEd's relationship with them. From this, the working party developed four models for IPEd's future role and relationships with the societies. The working party report and an overview of the survey results were presented to the council on 6 January. In February, a second phase working party has elaborated on those models. At the national conference IPEd plenary session on Friday 12 April, these models will be presented and attendees will be invited to have small group discussions and ask questions of council and society representatives. That session will provide further information for council, through consultation with the societies, to develop the model options to be voted on in a referendum late in 2013.

Accreditation Board: Exam Futures

On 13 January, the Accreditation Board presented to council the paper 'Achieving a More Sustainable Accreditation Exam'. This paper outlined possible options for future exam delivery, and means of making the accreditation exams more sustainable in terms of volunteer effort, cost and the exam development process. The paper will be presented at the national conference in April, as the first step in determining the attitudes of society members to exam delivery methods and costs.

Australian Standards for Editing Practice, second edition

The revised edition of the standards was approved, and in February the design and print specification were finalised. The standards are being printed, according to the number of copies requested by the societies, and IPEd is also providing 200 copies for the attendee kits at the national conference in April. A printable version will be made available on the IPEd website.

Improved IPEd governance and planning

At its February meeting, council approved a number of new and revised policies to improve IPEd governance and planning. These are:

  • expenditure policy (revised)
  • delegated financial authority policy
  • standing committees and working groups policy.

It was also agreed to develop position descriptions for council positions. The Honorary Treasurer position description was agreed.

National Conference, Perth, 10-12 April 2013

As at 28 February, 143 people had registered for the conference, plus others who opted to not have their names listed on the website. IPEd will have a plenary session on Friday 12 April as described above under IPEd review.

National Conference, Canberra 2015
Council has approved a proposal by the Canberra Society of Editors to host the national conference in Canberra in 2015. This will be a joint conference with The Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI). Planning for this conference is under way.

Charles Houen