Ali Lemer, Onward and Upward …

You all know Ali Lemer, the familiar face at dinner meetings before Petra took over in the second half of last year, then the web manager. As a younger-generation editor, Ali's presence on the committee has been of particular value to us, and I hope to her as well. Although it is rewarding, it can be hard work, and Ali has worked particularly hard for several years.

I'm sorry to announce that Ali is stepping down from the Committee. We are sad to see her step down, but we have all benefited from her phenomenal drive and organisational skills, not just those of us on the committee. She's juggled time commitments for a while, and when she reluctantly withdrew the response from other committee members was instant, praising her personal and professional contribution, wishing her luck, and endorsing similar comments made by others. Here are just a couple of snippets:

You have been very patient with my many and varied queries, especially late last year when you were exceedingly busy … It can't have been easy.

You did great things with the Meetings portfolio and would have developed the Website portfolio in a whole new way, I am sure, if you had had the time.

No one could doubt your passionate commitment to Editors Victoria over the years.

You did a fantastic job over the past few years in managing our online business as well as in lots of other areas you felt passionate about. You have been a great contributor to Editors Victoria so many thanks from me as well, not just for this but on a more personal note when you frequently dealt with my ignorance in a gracious and generous way.

We will miss you - you have been an outstanding committee member and lots of what we have done over the last few years has been because of your hard work and flair.

Ali herself wanted to let the members know, so that people were not left wondering why she had disappeared. But her own words (below) were in more modest terms:

I'd like to announce that I'm stepping down from the Editors Victoria Committee as of this month. It's been an honour to work for this society of editors for the past three-and-a-half years, and I've learned a great deal that has benefited me both personally and professionally, but the time has come for me to refocus and devote my time to other aspects of my life - and more importantly, to give other members a chance to take up a committee position themselves (which I hope you will all consider doing). I look forward to seeing everyone at future society meetings.

As another committee member said,

 Well done! Great work! It will be hard to fill your shoes.

Ali is our guest at the March dinner meeting, along with Kent MacCarter. Don't miss it!

Trischa Mann