President's Paragraph

Once again the committee has been considering Editors Victoria's constitution. Changes need to be made as a result of amendments to the legislation governing not-for-profit associations. Our finance guru and public officer, Charles Houen, has done an enormous amount of work, attending corporate affairs seminars and guiding the committee in this task. We will draft the necessary changes and put them to the annual general meeting in July.

Please interest yourself in this process by reading the information we'll be sending out in advance of the meeting, and coming to the meeting itself to vote and lend your support to the committee. They've been working hard for us all (see 'Ali Lemer, Onward and Upward …'). Members can contribute by just being part of things, by coming to meetings, doing a stint on the committee (bail me up for a chat at a dinner meeting if you are interested), and by offering contributions to the newsletter team, M&M (Melanie and Maja).

We are in a good position, with strong membership (a busy portfolio managed by Kristy Burt), well-attended dinner meetings, and great training opportunities (thank you Ann Philpott). The IPEd contingent has also been doing a great job on shoestring resources, and we can see that as a society we will have to give serious consideration to the way IPEd is supported and resourced, because it is not a sustainable level of contribution. We need to be doing more, and contributing more financially to keep IPEd strong. Rob Sheehan has been doing prodigious amounts of work for both IPEd and Editors Victoria (similarly, the multi-skilled Charles Houen). Rosemary Noble, then Kath Harper as your Accreditation Board representatives, have also had important roles that take time and care.

We are running Redact again this year. A sub-committee convened by Liz Steele (Liz, Rosemary Noble, Lan Wang, Tara Rawlins and me) has been planning, budgeting, assessing conference venues. Feedback on past Redacts has been great, the price is modest compared with commercial courses, and it's a great way for editors with a few years of editing under their belts to undertake some professional development.

So keep an eye out for the announcements, and consider coming to Redact if you couldn't get away for the Perth conference. (Or come to both!) Numbers are strictly limited for this fantastic, intensive two-day residential editing retreat.

I've just checked the Conference website and it's one month, one week, one day, one hour to go! Surely that is some kind of good omen.

Trischa Mann?