National Editors Conference Update

The program for the 6th IPEd national Editors Conference is shaping up well. The organisers are gradually getting information about all presenters uploaded onto the website and the blurbs on sessions will follow soon. They have also recently released a conference app.

Workshops (all on Wednesday 10 April)

Workshop 1 XML for editors with David Gardner

This workshop gives insights into extensible markup language (XML) for digital publishing, and shows editors ways to use the technologies for ebook production.

Workshop 2 Tools for onscreen editing with Dr Hilary Cadman

In this practical and interactive workshop, Hilary will demonstrate various tools for working more effectively and efficiently in MS Word.

Workshop 3 Rockstar freelance lifestyle: joys and pitfalls - panel 

Faced with rapid changes to the publishing, government and corporate sectors, more editors than ever are crossing the border between in-house and freelance. Freelancing can be a rewarding way to take your career into your own hands, but it can also mean uncertainty, isolation and financial risk. Editors who run their own businesses will discuss the joys and pitfalls of the rockstar freelance lifestyle based on their experiences. They will also give practical suggestions about how to make freelancing work better for you. Half of the day will include a session on the financial management of your business.

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A diverse program has been developed to incorporate the three streams of cultural, technological and ideological thinking. In addition to the keynote speakers (Don Watson, Nury Vittachi, Carmen Lawrence, and Roly Sussex), the presenters are offering a knowledge banquet for delegates. Some highlights:

  • Small publishers forum with a panel of key publishers from Perth publishing companies including Terri-ann White, Georgia Richter and Margaret Whiskin
  • Launch of the revised Standards for Editorial Practice by Kerry Davies and Kathie Stove
  • Editing in a digital environment with sessions by Angelo Loukakis, Dr Katy McDevitt (who is also the conference blogger), Agata Mrva-Montoya, Jane Morrow, Sarah Fletcher, Elizabeth Spiegel, Selena Hanet-Hutchins and Linda Nix
  • Crossing the borders of linguistic variety with sessions by Pam Peters, Ross Blackwood, Ilsa Sharp and John Linnegar
  • Editing in a university environment with a panel of representatives from Perth universities: Ffion Murphy, Anne Surma, Rachel Roberston, Chris Wortham and Anne Scott
  • Editing the sciences with Becky Schmidt, Maryam Ahmad, Stephen White, Huntly Cutten, and Annick Jones
  • Editing indigenous writing, or from an indigenous perspective, with several presenters including Janet Hutchinson and Sandra Phillips
  • Other sessions on fiction editing, magazine publishing, children's publishing, and mentoring presented by Jasmine Leong, Amanda Curtin, Kevin Price, Roger Underwood, Jan Knight, Louise Burch, Robert Nichols, Ted Briggs, Elizabeth Manning Murphy, and Cathy Perkins
  • A lively hypothetical chaired by Roly Sussex with participation by Will Yeoman, Bron Sibree and Satima Flavell discussing 'Critics and reviewers as editors of a community's cultural tastes and choices'. This will be an entertaining conclusion to the conference on the last day.


Bernard Carney and Jade Diary will be performing at the gala dinner on Thursday 11 April. Both these Perth artists have original music which will enhance the themes of the conference.  

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