Typos of the Month

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Editors Victoria member Jo Taylor saw this strainer, below, in a $2 shop. Well, we know it's a strainer because we speak Strine. But Jo suggested that all visitors to Australia should be given one on arrival to help them learn to speak our unique 'language'.


typo striner


Meanwhile, newsletter co-editor Melanie Sheridan was reading a typical waiting room magazine (it doesn't matter which one; they're all the same) at the doctor's recently, and spotted the photo caption, below. It doesn't continue on the facing page, it isn't accidentally obscured beneath the image. It just ends, mid-sentence.

type kstew 

Deborah Patterson recently found an interesting ad that seems to prove the life-saving properties of correct punctuation... (Click on the image to visit the site).


And while we acknowledge that it's a little unfair to find our typos in works 'penned' by those who don't speak English as a first language, the idea of muchmoons and dumpings for lunch is adorable and disturbing in equal measure. 


Finally, not so much a typo as a cute story about typos, below.