The Last Issue of 2012

As we welcome the start of glorious, magnificent1 summer, we also greet the end of 2012 and with it, we hope, the start of a nice, long holiday (or at least a short one). You will be pleased to know your hardworking newsletter editors are also taking a break, packing a small bag each, and heading off to enjoy some sun and Bastards on the Beach2 (rhyme intended). So, as usual, there will be no January issue. The first issue of 2013 will be in your inboxes in February.

In other news, as you are undoubtedly aware registration is now open for the 2013 IPEd National Editors Conference in Perth. Learning is to be had (with wide and varied topics ranging from Indigenous editing to digital editing), as is fun (a cocktail party, the gala dinner with live music). And don't forget the charms of Western Australia, with its guaranteed beautiful April weather, delightful Margaret River wineries and stunning Perth beaches (Cottesloe, Scarborough), along with Rottnest Island and much more. If you book now you're looking at airfares from $135 one way. Plus, you'll get the early-bird discounted registration price

In other IPEd news, for those of you anxious to find out the results of the accreditation exam, we are happy to announce that marking has now started.

Best of luck to everyone, and we wish you all a safe and happy festive season.

Melanie Sheridan and Maja Vatri?

There's some significant disagreement between your editors on whether summer is, in fact, glorious and magnificent. The dissenting camp holds that summer is irksome, way too hot and full of biting insects and bushfires.

2 Actual cocktail name.