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News from the Institute of Professional Editors Limited
September-October 2012

Australian Standards for Editing Practice, Second Edition
The second edition of the standards is in the final stages of publication design. The societies are considering whether they want printed copies, and how many. The new edition will, of course, be available on the IPEd website.

2013 IPEd National Editors Conference, Fremantle 10-12 April 2013

The conference features session streams focused on editing across cultural, technical and ideological borders, and registration is open.

An overview of the conference program, with a link to a full program outline, is available on the website. It is time to think about your travel and accommodation arrangements. The conference website has links to attractive accommodation deals, and advance booking may get you lower airfares.

IPEd Annual General Meeting and Council Meetings
The AGM was held by teleconference on 2 September. Four councillors retired as from this meeting: Cathy Nicoll AE (Canberra Society of Editors); Pam Peters DE (Society of Editors (NSW)); Chair for the last two years, Rosemary Luke AE (Society of Editors (SA)); and Rosemary Noble AE (Editors Victoria).
The 2012-13 councillors are:


Ed Highley resigned as company secretary as of 2 September, having served IPEd during the more than four years of its formal existence and for several years before that; Charles Houen is the new secretary.

The IPEd Council met twice during the period covered by these notes: on 2 September immediately after the AGM, by teleconference, and on 7 October by Skype. As there have been no immediate nominations for Chair, the meeting chair has rotated among councillors, Susan Rintoul and Owen Kavanagh acting so far.

IPEd Review
The IPEd Council decided at the 2012 AGM that it was timely to review IPEd and its various functions. A working party was formed to get this process underway - Rosemary Noble (Victoria), Susan Rintoul (SA) and Cathy Nicoll (Canberra). As a starting point, the working party asked each society to revisit the results of a 2009 survey of members and to submit broad responses to a range of questions about IPEd activities, both current and aspirational.  The working party is at present collecting and collating those responses. These will form the basis of a discussion paper and draft proposal to go to the IPEd Council in January 2013. Once the council has ratified this paper, it will be sent to all society members around the country for discussion and debate in the lead-up to the IPEd national conference in Perth in April 2013. At the conference we will be holding an open session to air all delegates' comments and suggestions and formulate a strategy for IPEd's future.

Stay tuned to this space as we work through these steps.

Accreditation Exam 2012
The fourth IPEd accreditation exam was held on Saturday 13 October 2012. Nationally, 75 candidates sat for the exam at venues in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth (and, internationally, Spain): all went well — a tribute to the hard work of the Accreditation Board, the exam development team, invigilators, exam coordinator, and all members of societies who arranged exam preparation workshops and otherwise contributed. A major email and mailing campaign aimed at the publishing industry, government departments, corporations and other organisations and education institutions certainly helped achieve such a large number of candidates. The marking of papers has begun.

Communication Committee (CommComm)
IPEd is seeking volunteers for the position of CommComm Convenor, and for committee members. CommComm has an important role in IPEd's public relations, including responsibility for the website, and promoting IPEd activities such as the accreditation exam and the national conferences, as well as spearheading advocacy on behalf of the profession. Please contact your society's IPEd councillor if you can participate.

IPEd on Twitter and Facebook  
You can now follow IPEd on Twitter (@IPeditors) or Friend IPEd on Facebook. Don't just watch us; add a comment or say you like us!

New IPEd Contact Details

IPEd has a new postal address:
PO Box 6585?
Point Cook VIC 3030

The email address is now: secretary@iped-editors.org

Charles Houen