Unwin Trust UK-Australian Fellowship

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Applications are now invited for the 2013 Unwin Trust Fellowship, which enables a member of the Australian book trade to visit the UK for up to three months. All working in Australian bookselling and publishing are eligible. Applicants are asked to put together a proposal to carry out a project which will both enhance their own understanding of the UK book trade and will provide a means to increase understanding of each market by the other.

It is envisaged that the successful candidate will have at least three years' experience in the book industry, and a clear view as to how the experience gained will be of benefit to their career. Their report on the project is required to be completed within two months of their return, and they may also be asked to participate in some seminars/briefings.

The judges will be looking for original and constructive proposals, and applicants should also provide a timetable and approximate budget. It is expected that time spent in the UK will be between two and three months, and the Trust will provide funding for travel, accommodation etc. up to £10,000.

The fellowship commenced in 2003. Previous winners and their chosen subjects are listed below.

From Australia to the UK:

  • 2011 Joel Naoum - digital publishing experimentation (read Joel's report)
  • 2009 Natalie Costa Bir - digital marketing
  • 2007 Faye Sutherland - university bookselling
  • 2005 Annabel Fleay - children's books
  • 2003 Lorien Kaye - book trade

From the UK to Australia:

  • 2010 Mark Richards - discovering fiction writers
  • 2008 Amy Tipper - digital publishing
  • 2006 Hannah Westland - literary agencies
  • 2004 Rebeka Cohen - art and museum publishing

A detailed career CV should be provided, along with at least two written references. Appropriate confirmation from employers that sufficient leave of absence will be granted should be provided.

Please apply to Dee Read, Industry Professional Development Manager, Australian Publishers Association, 60/89 Jones Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007.

Completed applications must be received by 1 February 2013.

The Unwin Charitable Trust actively supports book-related projects in the UK and Australia. It owns Book House in London which is home to the Publishers Training Centre and Book Trust.