Typos & Funnies of the Month


In their ghoulish rush to be among the first to break the news of astronaut Neil Armstrong's death on 25 August, NBC News online got a little bit confused. On the other hand, this headline does give a whole new meaning to Harvest Moon!

NBC weren't alone, however, with many other (ill-informed) people wondering on social media whether the world-famous cyclist - who made news a few days earlier due to his ongoing battle with the US Anti-Doping Agency and the impending loss of his seven Tour de France titles - had suddenly or perhaps supiciously died.


Closer to home, Luna Soo noticed a bit of an autocorrect problem in the Herald Sun on Saturday 18 August.


If, like me, you know nothing about football and just assumed the Hawks had a very inclusive, colourful hiring policy, it helps to know that Dared Aroused is not a porn star and should be Jarryd Roughead while Cereal Oriole is better known as Cyril Rioli!

There's little we love more than other people's typos and mistakes, so if you've spotted any recently, please send them to us - preferably with photographic evidence - via newsletter@editorsvictoria.org, with the subject line Schadenfreude.