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July-August 2012

The IPEd Council met twice during the period covered by these notes, on 1 July and 5 August. Both meetings were by teleconference.

Australian Standards for Editing Practice, second edition

After almost a year of intense effort by participants from all the societies of editors in an endeavour facilitated by Kerry Davies AE, the new edition is ready to face the world. The final draft of the revised standards will shortly be sent to the societies for their members' imprimatur. Keep an eye out for that, and engage in the process.

Accreditation Exam 2012

A reminder that the fourth IPEd Accreditation Exam will be held on Saturday 13 October 2012. If you are not already an AE, consider taking the exam and what accreditation could do for you in terms of, among other things, enhancing recognition of your level of expertise, reinforcing your confidence in your own ability, improving your standing in the industry and, not the least, giving you greater control over your rate of pay. All the societies are running pre-exam workshops to help intending candidates (registrations don't close until 14 September). Dates for those can be found on the IPEd home page at iped-editors.org.

New IPEd Secretary

Following a call for applications from among the members of the societies of editors, Editors Victoria's Finance Officer Charles Houen has been selected as IPEd's new company secretary. Charles, who brings with him a wealth of experience in business administration, has officially taken up the position at the company's Annual General Meeting on 2 September.

… and Accreditation Board Chair
At its meeting on 5 August, the IPEd Council accepted with regret the resignation of Chair Carla Morris AE, and paid tribute to Carla's immense contribution to not only the board and the accreditation scheme, but also to the wider promotion of the profession. At the same meeting, Robin Bennett AE was welcomed as the new chair. Robin has already had a long association with the board and the IPEd Council.


The Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited was held by teleconference on Sunday 2 September, immediately before the IPEd Council's regular monthly meeting. Among the agenda items has been the presentation of the financial accounts for 2011-12 and the proposed budget for 2012-13, the appointment of an auditor for the coming year, and acceptance of member nominations for the IPEd Council. Society presidents and IPEd councillors can keep you informed.

Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship

'Going digital: an Australian editor's observations of developments in US publishing' is the title of Jane Morrow's account of her six weeks in the USA as the winner of the 2011-12 Beatrice Davis Fellowship. It's a fascinating report that everyone interested in the future of the 'book', and that's surely all of us, should read.

My construction is that it was Jane's observation that the digital revolution has a long way to go in the USA. Large publishers are still finding print more profitable and digital experimentation very costly. Indeed, many are seeking to maintain their current businesses rather than facing up to the inevitable, full-scale digital invasion. Digital incursion has already reduced by one-third the area devoted to print at the huge Barnes and Noble bookstore at Union Square, New York. Interestingly, it seems to be the smaller publishers who are embracing and adapting the new tools, of which there were plenty in evidence at the 'Tools of change for publishing' conference, which Jane attended. Kobo and Kindle devices for kids are in the offing apparently, and enhanced ebooks, i.e. books integrating text, audio and/or video, are a frontier development. Jane mentions the free iBooks Author app, using which 'Beautiful ebooks can be created directly by editors and designers'. Must have a look at that! Jane also notes that there is little quality control for 'mono' ebooks, something that all ebook reader users will have already detected. Apparently, many US publishers see Amazon as the elephant in the room because of its power to list or not list their titles, and because it is establishing its own publishing program.
Jane's full report can be read at iped-editors.org. She will be speaking in Melbourne on 30 August and in Sydney on 7 September. More details are available on the Australian Publishers Association website. IPEd is a sponsor of the Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship program.

National Conference, Perth, April 2013

A reminder that you can access all the conference information at the conference website www.ipedperth2013.com.au and sign up to receive updates via email. The event is now only eight months off.

And, of course, the organising committee is also eager to receive a wide range of contributions from members of our profession; there's an abstract submission form on the site.

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This is my last issue of IPEd Notes. I've enjoyed compiling these offerings and hope that at least some of you have found them to be useful. I bid you farewell.

Ed Highley