Tips and tricks: contracts and agreements (April 2018)

by Margie Beilharz

If you're a freelance editor and you get by on verbal or email agreements with clients, that probably works well until the day it doesn't. But creating a useful contract isn't simple – it requires expertise.

I attended Roslyn Copas's talk at the 2017 IPEd conference in Brisbane, which tackled this issue in quite a bit of detail. It's one of the talks now available (to members) as part of the recently posted conference proceedings.

If developing a contract template is something you've been putting off, I encourage you to read through Roslyn's paper to improve your understanding of the matter and get ideas that you can apply to your own circumstances.

Other useful online resources to help with contracts and agreements include:

Even if you decide you need to get proper legal advice to help you draw up your contract terms and conditions, with better understanding you're more likely to end up with a contract that works for you.