Tips and Tricks: Editing Indigenous Content (March 2018)

by Margie Beilharz

Aboriginal flag over water

The majority of Australian editors are not Indigenous, and even with the best of intentions many of us don’t know how to ensure that Indigenous language, themes and stories are properly and respectfully treated in work that we edit.

This issue, which arises in both fiction and non-fiction, was discussed at the 8th IPEd National Conference of Editors in Brisbane, in the ‘black&write’ session with Dr Sandra Phillips. The transcript of the session is available on the blog of the State Library of Queensland, and makes interesting reading. The article recommends the following resources and articles:

Margie Beilharz

Note: I discovered the transcript of the ‘black&write’ session in the Nov-Dec 2017 issue of Offpress, the newsletter of Editors Queensland, the Queensland branch of IPEd.

Photo credit: DigitalMajority on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA