Tips and Tricks: Google Your Business (February 2018)

by Margie Beilharz

Have you noticed that sometimes when you google a well-known person or a business you’ll get a box with a summary of relevant information on the right of the screen? This is the knowledge graph (like the one below on editor and author Sophie Cunningham), which contains information grabbed from various sources on the internet.

SC knowledge graph2

Having your website and, ideally, curated information come up in a knowledge graph when people google your name or business is a good way to stand out as a freelancer. It can even help people find your website if it isn’t the top link in a google search.

If you’re not a famous enough to have an entry in Wikipedia, for example, one way of getting a knowledge graph for your business is to register with Google My Business. This links your google account with your business, which must be registered at a particular address. Even though location isn’t particularly important for freelance editors – we don’t get a lot of drop-in clients – there are still benefits in showing up in a map search or in a knowledge graph (you can show suburb rather than specific house address).

I found out about this in a recent episode of The Recipe for SEO Success podcast by Kate Toon, and I recommend you listen if you are interested.

The cute thing is that to register your address, Google will post you an actual letter with your verification code. Enter the code and set up your info and some relevant pics; you can even post updates. With this bit of DIY, very soon you too can look extra professional in the google results (sadly, 'desktop publishing professional' seems to be the closest business category for editors - we need to campaign to Google on that!). You can see how my new knowledge graph shows up below.

Screen Shot 2018 01 05 lores

Margie Beilharz