Tips and Tricks: Search All Your Open Browser Tabs or Bookmarked Pages (December 2017)

by Margie Beilharz

You’ll thank me for this one! As we know, editing can involve checking a lot of facts, and the number of open tabs on my browser window can quickly spiral out of control. Then it can be hard to remember which of the open pages had a particular piece of information or topic. If only you could search all your open tabs at once rather than searching each in turn.

It turns out you can – and have been able to for a while, but I’ve only just discovered this Chrome extension called Search Plus.


Once you’ve installed the extension, you can enter a search term and find out which of the webpages contain it. You can sort the results in various ways (e.g. by title, time opened), and you can also do other operations on those tabs, such as collecting them together in a single window. Clever, don’t you think? I can see this saving me from getting lost in a swamp of tabs when I’ve been on an internet chase of a particular topic.

There are other extensions that will allow you do search multiple tabs, and also in different browsers, so have a look around. In Chrome, Tab Tab Search also have good ratings.

For Search Plus, there are some instructions at

And you can download Search Plus from the Chrome web store.

One neat way to use a search across multiple tabs is to search all the web pages you’ve bookmarked in a particular folder. A right-click (PC) or double-click (Mac) on a bookmark folder will give you the option of opening all the bookmarks in that folder; they’ll open as tabs. Then you can use your multiple tab extension to search for your keyword.

You’re welcome.

Margie Beilharz