Tips and Tricks: Holding a ‘Writing for Business’ Workshop (July 2017)

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Editors Victoria members Dianne Wadsworth and Julie Cantrill share their experience of running a training workshop.

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On 31 May 2017, Julie Cantrill and I, Dianne Wadsworth, conducted our very first workshop,' Writing for Business', in Frankston. We limited the number of attendees to approximately 10 so that everyone could feel part of, and contribute to, the workshop. The subjects covered were:

  • refreshing your writing skills
    • sentence structure
    • punctuation
    • writing techniques
  • confusing words
  • how to write a business blog (with an example for attendees to create and take away)
  • tools of the editing and proofreading trade.

We enjoyed a couple of hours of active participation from our attendees. From their feedback, we were given scores on the workshop content between 7 and 10 out of 10. Gosh!

Among the feedback from participants were the comments:

‘Julie and Dianne were engaging and lovely to work with’

‘Great teamwork, warm, thorough and relevant’

‘Very good for those starting out in creating their business blogs’.

We feel we achieved the aims of our workshop. On the downside, on reflection, we probably didn't allow enough time for the attendees to write their short business blog. They needed more guidance on this subject than we anticipated. When we run this workshop again – and we plan to later in the year – we will add an extra half an hour to the running time. Also, we will ask our attendees to make a draft of their blog post to bring along on the day.

On the whole, we were pleased with the way the workshop went. A lot of planning went into preparing the content, working out what we wanted out attendees to take away with them and coordinating our joint running of the workshop on the day. Providing our attendees with the tools to create their own marketing material proved to be very satisfying.

So we encourage other editors and proofreaders to think about spreading their knowledge further afield too. You can broaden your networks and make new friends in the process, and also help others with their business needs.

Dianne Wadsworth, Gumhill Proofreading,

Julie Cantrill, Banksia Konsult,