December 2019 freelancers' Christmas picnic

by Susan Pierotti AE

The Editors Victoria freelancers' Christmas picnic took place on 18 December 2019 in the Fitzroy Gardens. Because it was nearly 40 degrees, five slightly damp editors immediately transferred to the Kere Kere café in the Gardens. After the ubiquitous ‘What are you doing for Christmas?’ (with a variety of interesting responses), we shared technical tips, including the Citation function in Word, where to source diacritics, the Style Manual old and new, is PerfectIt worth the expense (yes!) and how to tactfully yet briefly inform authors in the Comments section of Track Changes. Discussion ranged from eco-friendly coffee cups (Kere Kere uses ones made from coffee husks – how appropriate!) to English history and EdVic professional development courses. Though small in numbers, we learned about, and from, each other.

If you haven’t been to a freelancers' lunch before, why not consider coming to the next one? It’s a great way to raise your profile within the industry and to build a supportive network.

Freelancers lunch Dec19