June 2019 event: freelance editor and entrepreneur Susan Pierotti

by Marie Pietersz

Twenty-four members gathered at the new venue, CoffeeHead Cafe in Camberwell, to hear Vice-President, Susan Pierotti, speak about her reinvention as an accredited freelance editor and entrepreneur after her former life as a musician.

Following circulation of three books written and published by her respectively, Susan spoke about the valued-added mini-publishing and production packaging services that freelance editors can offer to self-publishing authors these days, something her company and a number of editors are doing successfully. Members were interested in her tips for editors on the advisory role they can play with authors, especially first-time authors, and avenues to use to get book sales up, once published, through innovative marketing tactics, and ways to get around challenges in the process. All very useful advice gleaned from her expertise in this sector of the industry. 

Hot gourmet wood-fired pizzas and delectable desserts complemented cold weather dinner appetities. The venue offered a pleasant ambience and staff provided a good service, contributing to the convivial and informative night had by all.

Susan Pierotti is the owner and co-founder of Creative Text Solutions, a writing, editing and proofreading business. She is author of Manuscript to Market, a book on how to write a book, and a full-time editor.


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Row 1 L-R: Susan Pierotti. presenter in action; in conversation, Susan Keogh, Maryna Mews and Susan Pierotti
Row 2 Editors networking
Photos: Marie Pietersz