How Do I Become An Editor?

As in most occupations, editing requires a mix of theoretical knowledge and on-the-job experience.

A formal editing qualification is not a prerequisite for employment as an editor. Many editors with extensive experience have only related (or no) qualifications in editing. They may have come to professional editing through an entry-level publishing job or doing some editing work for their employer.

If you're considering editing as a career, we suggest the following:

  • Read the second edition of the Australian Standards of Editing Practice developed by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd)
  • Research the area of editing that interests you
  • Take one of the many one-day training courses offered by Editors Victoria
  • Look at the list of editing courses on the IPEd website
  • Come to a monthly Editors Victoria dinner meeting and network with working editors
  • Contact institutions that interest you and ask them for course details, fee structures and other relevant information
  • Get in touch with alumni organisations that might put you in touch with satisfied graduates

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