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Editors Victoria, a branch of IPEd, is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. We are always looking for new committee members to bring fresh ideas and energy to the mix.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, please let us know. You don't need to have been a member for decades, but you do need to have been around long enough to like us, have some idea of how we tick and want to be more closely involved.


Executive Committee

President - Susan Keogh

Vice President - Susan Pierotti

Secretary - Sharon Lierse

Budget - Marnie Hannagan

Communication - Bridget Blair

Immediate Past President - Renee Otmar

Events -  Marie Pietersz

Professional Development - Maryna Mews

Accreditation Board Delegate - Katie Lawry

IPEd Director -Susan Keogh



Communication -  Bridget Blair, Michaela Skelly

Events - Marie Pietersz, Annie Collins, Sally Holdsworth

Mentorship and Training - Maryna Mews, Michelle Manly, Jane Fitzpatrick, Claire Kelly


Staff officers

Newsletter Editor (acting) - Marie Pietersz