IPEd Transition Plan Vote - SGM

IPEd Transition Plan Vote - SGM


Financial Members, Members (Distant) and Honorary Life Members will vote on three special resolutions:

Resolution 1
That the Members of Editors Victoria Inc. (Registration No. A0023664H) ("the Association") approve the IPEd Transition Plan ("the Transition Plan") as defined in the document entitled IPEd Transition Plan Explained dated 24 September 2015, a copy of which has been given to each Member of the Association.

Resolution 2
That upon the passing of Resolution 1, as set out above, and provided that the member societies, including the Association, of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited,

A.C.N. 129 335 217 ("IPEd"), have passed a special resolution to approve the IPEd Transition Plan, the Association shall transfer its Member records and assets to IPEd.

Resolution 3
That upon the passing of Resolutions 1 and 2, as set out above, the implementation of the IPEd Transition Plan and the transfer by the Association of its Member records and assets to IPEd, the Association will, as soon as practicably possible, in accordance with section 136 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, make application for the cancellation of the incorporation of the Association.

Important Note:
For a Member's vote on Resolution 1 to be effective, they must also vote the same way on Resolutions 2 and 3.


The effect of these resolutions

The intent of the IPEd Transition Plan is that IPEd will change its constitution to become the national, direct membership organisation representing editors, receiving the members and assets of the member societies that approve the plan.

If the Members of Editors Victoria approve the Transition Plan, Editors Victoria will vote for the Transition Plan in a general meeting of IPEd member societies. If member societies of IPEd, including Editors Victoria, representing at least 75% of all society members approve the Transition Plan, then on the Transition Date Editors Victoria Members will become members of IPEd, subsequently our assets will be transferred to IPEd, and Editors Victoria will cancel its incorporation.