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Training: Academic Editing

Final 2018 Freelance Lunch

IPEd Conference 2019


Academic Editing

Saturday 24 November

10.00 am

Trainer: Dr Renée Otman

‘Publish or perish’ – this maxim continues to hold true in the academy, regardless of discipline. Anyone wishing to progress their academic career needs a strong record of publication. And all academics can benefit from working with a skilled professional editor.

This workshop is designed for professional editors who wish to explore the potential of extending their repertoire of skills to academic editing. Starting with an overview of the research process and research methods, we will examine the range of tasks, roles and opportunities available for editors who wish to provide their services to scholars, administrators and publishers across the length and breadth of the academic world. Key topics will include ethical considerations, finding your niche, approaches to developing and/or editing ‘crossover’ books and editing theses, as well as the nuts and bolts of dealing with statistics, tables and graphs, images, artefacts, bibliographies and references.

About the trainer

Dr Renée Otmar is a consultant researcher, writer and editor who regularly facilitates research. She has qualifications and a strong record in public health research and academic editing, among others. She is currently chair of IPEd’s Standing Committee on Academic Editing.

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